Charlestown locals welcome OPAL retailers, 4 months after Government declares “rollout complete”

Charlestown locals are relieved that it is now possible to buy and top up OPAL cards at one of the largest public transport destinations in Lake Macquarie.


Charlestown MP, Jodie Harrison, has welcomed the delivery of OPAL card retail equipment to 3 retailers in the Charlestown area, one of them in Charlestown Square.


“While some retailers are still waiting, it is pleasing that the mistake of forgetting Charlestown retailers has now been corrected,” Ms Harrison said.


Terry White Chemist Charlestown, BP Charlestown and Metro Petroleum Charlestown were finally delivered their OPAL card retail equipment in early April, only 4 months since the Government’s December 1st announcement of “Job done – Opal rollout complete”.


Gateshead local Isabella Dousha, who raised this issue with the media in February, welcomed the delivery.


“Older people don’t always like buying things online so it’s important pensioners have somewhere local to get their OPAL cards” Ms Dousha said.


“I tried to raise this issue with the Transport Minister several times, but she brushed me off so I thought we’d been forgotten again” Ms Dousha said.


“It wouldn’t have happened without Jodie Harrison fighting for it” Ms Dousha said.