East Coast Allstars Cheerleading Squad - Hansard

I recognise the exceptional athletic talent of the East Coast Allstars competitive cheerleading squad, which is based in Gateshead in my electorate of Charlestown.

The East Coast Allstars has been operating since 2008, producing internationally competitive teams in this energetic and artistic sport. Recently a team from the East Coast Allstars competed in the Desert National Championship in California after winning the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation's All Star battle against teams from New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. I was lucky enough to watch the East Coast Allstars rehearsing just before they flew out to compete. They were one of just five teams from Australia to make it through to the international competition. Congratulations to all the young women who travelled to the United States to compete. I look forward to catching up with the team again soon and hearing about their exploits. I also congratulate coaches Derrick and Kassie Turner, who have put so much effort into the teams.