Funding Guarantee for Hunter Women's Centre

A Foley Labor Government will guarantee $50 million for women’s health centres across NSW over the next five years, ending the funding uncertainty these organisations have endured under the NSW Liberals and Nationals.




Shadow Minister for the Status of Women Sophie Cotsis announced the funding guarantee at the Blue Mountains Women’s Health Centre with Labor Candidate for the Blue Mountains Trish Doyle.

Labor’s five-year funding for the state’s 21 women’s health centres will:

  • Guarantee the NSW Government’s current annual funding of $8.7 million for the next five years; and
  • Provide an additional funding boost of $1 million per year for the next five years to expand counselling and support services for women who have been victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Today’s announcement is in addition to Labor’s commitment to provide a $10 million boost for women’s refuges to support women fleeing domestic violence.

Shadow Minister for the Status of Women, Sophie Cotsis, said, "For the past four years, women’s health centres have endured an uncertain future due to the Liberals and Nationals ongoing reviews of funding for non-government health programs.

“Over the past year, the Liberals’ changes to funding for specialist homelessness services forced the closure of many women’s refuges across NSW.

“Labor’s commitment provides funding certainty and an additional $1 million per year so women’s health centres can continue their vital work providing health services to women across NSW.” 

State Member for Charlestown, Jodie Harrison, said, "It is disturbing that government changes to homelessness funding has already seen several women's refuges close."

"There are 21 women's health centres in NSW and these health centres are worried they could face the same fate in the face of the uncertainty surrounding their ongoing funding."

“Labor’s announcement guarantees funding for the Hunter Women's Centre and twenty other women’s health centres across NSW for the next five years.”

Women’s health centres are non-government organisations that provide a variety of health services for women.

Women’s health centres collectively receive $8.7 million per year, however the future of their funding has been under a cloud for the past four years due to the Liberals and Nationals review of funding for non-government health programs.