Hansard - Under Construction Choir

I draw to the attention of the House the Under Construction Choir, a choir that focuses on melodious social inclusion. Back in 2008 Karen Harmon, a mental health nurse, had the idea of starting a weekly choir where people could sing and socialise in a supportive environment.

Together with musical director Kay Lane, the pair grew the choir. It now performs at community events throughout the Hunter region. Karen and Kay are ably assisted by Janice Benton, Helen McLauren, Lindsay Christian and Dianne Carson.

The choir has benefited from the assistance provided by mental health support organisation Richmond PRA, which recognises that people being treated for depression and anxiety gain long-term benefits from singing and performing. The focus of the choir is on improving quality of life through singing.

Having seen the choir perform and spoken with choir members, their families and their friends, I can attest to the fine tunes they sing, their enjoyment of performing and reports of the health benefits they gain from their participation.