Nancy Dickman, NSW Community Service Award

I congratulate Nancy Dickman on being awarded the NSW Community Service Award. Nancy started holding exercise classes in her home almost 30 years ago. It is a credit to her that all these years later her classes have gone from strength to strength, with consistently high attendance rates. I was lucky enough to participate in one of Nancy's classes last week and it certainly got my heart pumping. At 73 years of age Nancy puts a huge amount of enthusiasm and charisma into her teaching. Her classes are a safe and judgement-free place to stay fit. Nancy has created a social outlet, helping pensioners and retirees, many who live alone, stay connected, strong and independent well into their golden years. When attendees, either due to illness or injury, are no longer able to attend classes Nancy keeps in contact. She gives them a welfare call and lets other classmates know the status of that person's health and recovery. Nancy is a credit to our community and deserving of its recognition.