People leave prison and rehabilitation programs with the hope of returning successfully to society and starting their lives anew. But there are many challenges faced during the re-entry process. Previous routines and old temptations can resurface. Too often people are left alone and feeling vulnerable, making it all too easy to turn back to crime and to drugs. That is why I am proud to have the Recovery Point Program, run by the Samaritans, servicing my electorate of Charlestown.

The Recovery Point Program helps people in the Hunter leaving prison or alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres successfully reintegrate and transition back into society. The group programs give people a safe place to talk about concerns in their day-to-day situations and help people not feel alone in their experiences. They also provide access to crucial services such as housing, Centrelink, health workers, clothing and food in a friendly, non-threatening environment. Every day the Samaritans Recovery Point Program is transforming people's lives. I commend their work.