Warners Bay Australian Football Club

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of presenting Warners Bay Australian Football Club with $40,480 through the 2015 Community Building Partnership program. I attended the meet the coach day, together with more than 100 other people, including parents. It was a great event and I was very pleased to meet a lot of the people who attended the event. This money will help improve the drainage problems of the Feighan Oval at Warners Bay. Currently, after severe storms the field has to close for extensive periods of time.

The closest dry fields are located a significant distance away in Port Stephens and on the Central Coast. Repairing the drainage means that the oval can be used all year round to showcase our region's sport tourism, facilitate competitive and social sports, and improve safety for all users. With the drainage problem soon to be fixed and this being the only facility in the region with two full size Australian Football League [AFL] fields, I am sure Warners Bay will become the place to play AFL and cricket.