Every public school in NSW will be air conditioned under a Daley Labor Government.

Labor will take back $300 million from the Berejiklian Government’s $2.2 billion Sydney stadium splurge and add it to the $500 million allocated in the State Budget to bring the total to an unprecedented $800 million.

Across the state, thousands of classrooms and tens of thousands of children will have air conditioning for the first time.

Our children cannot learn properly in hot, sweltering conditions.

Labor will immediately conduct an audit of all schools to give priority to those with the hottest temperatures first. Schools in regional NSW and Western Sydney will be among the first to benefit.

Where possible the air conditioning will be powered with rooftop solar panels. Installed by skilled and licensed local workers, inspected and regulated by School Infrastructure NSW.

Labor’s Cool Schools policy includes a guarantee that all new schools built under Labor will be built with air conditioning. Under the Berejiklian Barilaro Government, new schools have been designed without air conditioning, including the recently-opened Wentworth Point Public School and the three year old The Ponds High School in Western Sydney.

Cool Schools is an essential part of NSW Labor’s comprehensive plan for education and training.

It honours Labor’s commitment to put schools and hospitals before stadiums.

Sign the petition here: http://www.nswlabor.org.au/air_condition_every_public_school_in_nsw