The following work is being carried out at the busy Metcalfe/Hillsborough/Macquaire Road intersection:

- Installation of mid-block pedestrian traffic lights

- New shared paths for improved connectivity to the new traffic lights and nearby bus stops

- Pedestrian fencing along Hillsborough Road to direct pedestrians to the new crossing

- The existing pedestrian refuge near the roundabout will be removed

The work is expected to be completed in two months.

A red-light speed camera has now been installed further along at the Hillsbrough/Charlestown Rd intersection.

Be assured I will continue to push the Liberals for more significant traffic improvements along Hillsborough Rd, such as a set of traffic lights at the Macquarie/Hillsborugh/Metcalfe Street intersection and safety improvements to the Higham Rd and Chadwick St intersections.


The Berejiklian Government has failed to deliver funding for the Chadwick/Hillsborough Rd intersection in the 2018/19 Budget despite it being outlined as a short term priority. 

If we win the the 2019 election, Labor has committed to installing traffic lights at the intersection.