23 May 2018

I commend Kate Whitby from my electorate of Charlestown for her outstanding artistic achievements and strong anti-bullying advocacy. At only nine years of age, Kate has received national recognition for one of her artworks. This year 3 student from S t Joseph ' s Primary School , Charlestown, travelled to Government House on Friday as a national finalist in Interrelate 's fifth anti bullying poster competition. Only 33 of the 6,500 artworks entered in the competition made it into the national finals , placing Kate's artwork in the top 0.5 per cent of entries. Kate's artwork has a very po werful message behind it. As an ambassador for the anti-bullying cause , Kate's poster reads , "S ay no to bullying ", and "B elieve in yourself " . This is an important reminder for other children at a time when one in four students experience s b ullying. Given t he prevalence of bullying in our society, Kate's message is highly pertinent. No child should ever experience bullying. Well done, Kate!