06 June 2018

The Roads and Maritime Service have completed a speed zone review for Oakdale Rd, Gateshead and determined that the existing 60km p/h zone should be extended for approximately 1km to the intersection with redhead Rd.

The key reasons for the speed zone change include:

Increasing urban/commercial development including expansion of the nursery
Sight distance on the eastbound approach to Poppys Nursery is substandard for the existing 80km/h zone. The approach to the nursery entrance is downhill and on a curved section of carriageway.
To the east, the remaining road length presents as rural, however the majority of the length is low standard horizontal curves designed for less than 80km/h.
Access to the Fernleigh Track is located between the substandard curves and the accesses are used by many vulnerable road users. Road shoulders from the Fernleigh Track to Dudley residential area (i.e. the remaining 80 km/h section) are narrow.

Police and Council have been consulted and support the change.

The attached map illustrates the change- the green line is the current 60km/ph zone, and the blue line is the current 80km/ph zone which will be reduced to 60km/ph.

If you have any further questions, please contact my office on 4942 1242 or [email protected]