25 May 2018

On Sunday, I had the pleasure to attend the Hunter Blitz for Ovarian Cancer - a charity luncheon to raise awareness and funds for women living with ovarian cancer.

The event was organised by the former Federal Member for Shortland, Jill Hall who is a passionate supporter to help find a cure for this terrible disease.

The keynote speaker at the luncheon was local ABC Radio presenter Jill Emberson, who gave a heart wrenching account of her ordeal with the disease. Jill left the ABC two years ago to receive treatment for ovarian cancer. Sadly, Jills diagnosis is terminal. But despite this, and mid-way through another round of treatment, Jill has recently returned to work at 1233 ABC to record a podcast about the disease.

DrNikola Bowden from the Hunter Medical Research Institute also spoke about the work she is doing to help save lives like Jills.

Dr Bowden is a graduate of the University of Newcastle and has a 10 year fellowship to undertake research to make ovarian cancer treatment more effective.

Thank you Jill Hall for your ongoing and tireless efforts to improve the lives of people doing it tough in our community.