24 May 2018

Since January 2018, my office has been inundated with complaints regarding Newcastle buses routes and timetabling.

The biggest complaint has been the cut direct services. What was once one route now consists of catching two or three different buses.

All otherNewcastle MP's have recieved the same complaint.

I obtained a copy of the Newcastle Buses Integrated Network contract and was alarmedtofind that the private operator is being paid an incentive to increase patronage.

I therefore asked the Minister the following:

'The contract with the Newcastle buses operator includes a per passenger patronage incentive payment. Will the Minister inform the House if this is an incentive to make the route shorter, forcing commuters to change buses, therefore increasing the patronage statistics and the patronage incentive payment?'

The Minister did not provide an adequate answer, and repeated his claim that 'the road network in Newcastle operates better'.

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