Survivors R Us founded Ann Maria Martin recognised

23 May 2023

Ms JODIE HARRISON (Charlestown—Minister for Women, Minister for Seniors, and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault)— The work of Survivors R Us is very much valued and in demand.

The Cardiff based charity aims to support anyone, regardless of their personal circumstances.

As well as running an opportunity shop on site, the team provides free counselling services, maintains a discount food warehouse and supplies dignity bags and household furnishings for those who have lost everything.

None of this would be possible without Ann Maria Martin. She is the founder of Survivors R Us and received a Highly Commended in the Volunteer of the Year category at the recent Lake Mac Awards.

Ann Maria recognised that there was a gap in the charity supports offered to the victims of domestic violence, and those experiencing homelessness and disadvantage, and worked to fill it. She has been honoured for her work in creating an organisation that gives vulnerable people a safe place.

Survivors R Us is a no-judgement zone and its dedicated volunteers are renowned for their kindness and drive to help others. It is now a much-loved and valued service with 50 daily volunteers. Survivors R Us has assisted 60,000 people since its opening in 2017. Congratulations to Ann Maria.

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